Portrait Gallery

We think portraits should reflect the personalities of the people who are in them.  That’s why we work so hard to make each session look unique, even if we’re shooting somewhere we know well.  We also want the experience to be fun and enjoyable.  Here are a few examples of some our portrait sessions:

The Miller Family — We love this family! Happy, fun, up for anything — our kind of people! It was a joy to take them on location and start shooting!

Shannon & David — What do you do when you visit family?  We don’t know about your traditions, but when we go visit, we drag them out and shoot them at twilight!  Armed with a fistful of change to feed the parking monster, we shot Shannon and David in the Old Port section of Montreal.  A beautiful couple, inside and out — of course, we’re proud of them!

Christine — We knew Christine was a beautiful bride, because we’d been lucky enough to shoot her bridal, her engagement and wedding to  handsome T.J., but we were really awed by her talent when we found not only is she a savvy businesswoman, but a clothing designer as well. Here are a few of her lovely creations.

John & Connie —  Wonderful, beautiful people, known for their generous, giving spirits, it was only appropriate that we find a beautiful location for John & Connie’s anniversary pictures.  Have loveseat, will travel!

Audrey’s Trash the Dress — It’s never, ever our intention to ruin a wedding dress, but when you have a beautiful girl in a beautiful dress near a neat body of water — well, at some point, the girl just has to get in the water! (The dress went to the dry cleaners later; everything’s cool, btw.) We love shooting Trash the Dress sessions after a wedding (how long after depends on you!), because a girl gets to wear her dress one more time, gets to be a beautiful bride again, isn’t afraid to let the hem get dirty (or wet), and we get some fantastic shots.  We also have photographer friends lining up to shoot when we’re going to TTD!